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What’s the khuyễn mãi giảm giá with this “we"ll need your current windows password one last time”? Once you switch from a local trương mục to a Microsoft tài khoản on your Windows 10 device, things can get really annoying for a while. But there is a solution.You watching: Current windows password là gì

Microsoft wants to stimulate the use of a Microsoft tài khoản, which is why you may see your Windows 10 computer nudging you in the direction of such an tài khoản after one of its more “profound” update rounds.Using a Microsoft tài khoản rather than a “local” tài khoản is advertised as beneficial when it comes to lớn syncing your work across multiple devices, plus it gives you access to lớn new features which are not possible with a local tài khoản (for example Windows can help you locate your device in case it is lost và you can synchronize your favorites, just to lớn name a few).But, if things go wrong - & as it turns out, sometimes they vì - you could potentially find yourself locked out of your computer and staring at the message: “We"ll need your current windows password one last time”.See more: So Sánh Macbook Pro năm ngoái Và năm 2016 Với cảm biến Bar, Macbook Pro 2015 Và Macbook Pro 2016

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Why We"ll Need Your Current Windows Password One Last Time

The problem is that stuff tends to lớn get confusing quickly when it comes to passwords for accounts. You have “local” accounts used khổng lồ identify yourself và sign in lớn your computer, you have “online” accounts khổng lồ identify yourself lớn certain online services và then there are yet another bunch of accounts that you can have sầu but that we don’t need to cover right here.Now, where it gets tricky with the “We"ll need your current windows password one last time” message is that you need khổng lồ understand the distinction between your “local” Windows
account và the Microsoft tài khoản you may have sầu just created as a result of the Windows update.This is also explained in my article on creating a Microsoft trương mục for Windows 10.If you have always needed a password lớn unloông xã your computer in the past, then that password is the one you need to enter when you see the message “We"ll need your current windows password one last time”. That is also what the message is trying to communicate with the words “your current windows password”. It means: the password you have sầu been using up to lớn this point to unlochồng your computer.If you’ve sầu never used a password to unlock your computer, you might try to simply press the ENTER key (or cliông chồng next) without entering any password & that should also get you past.In the image above, you can also see that Microsoft tries to help you with that, with the message "If you don"t have a Windows password, just leave the box blank và select next".Now if you’ve tried entering any password that you could possibly think of as your current windows password & you’ve sầu also tried using a blank password but still find yourself locked out from your computer, that means it’s probably time for some more drastic measures: resetting your local Windows 10 administrator trương mục password.Hopefully you don"t need to lớn go that route because it is a little more work than just being able to lớn come up with your Windows password, but if you really, really can"t figure out what that password was, resetting you password should get you going again.You can find a detailed mô tả tìm kiếm of how to rephối passwords when you lost your Windows 10 password in this article.As soon as your remix your local administrator password, you should be able khổng lồ complete setting up your Windows 10 Microsoft account.See more: Top 12 Cung Hoàng Đạo Hợp Nhau Nhất Năm 2019, 12 Cung Hoàng Đạo Hợp Nhau Nhất Trong Tình Yêu

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