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Exploiting credit desperation, inexperience and language barriers of vulnerable borrowers, particularly borrowers of color, was the bread and butter of too many subprime lenders.
Initially, he returned lớn the set of fantasy, westerns, romance, & quái nhân comics that had been his bread and butter for much of the "50s.
The chefs know that servers are often college students working their way through school and that tips are their bread and butter, they said.
I would be quite happy with it just like that, with a poached egg on top, & a piece of bread and butter.
That grand total: 2,570 calories, 85 grams of sat fat, và 2,980 mg of sodium, which does not include complimentary bread and butter.
Fifth, the demands on bread-and-butter issues were combined with calls for specific political reforms và measures lớn combat corruption.
Officials will see two prints of a bread-and-butter indicator, the price index tied khổng lồ personal consumption expenditures, between this meeting và next.
The invertebrates, also known as "habitat engineers," are crucial for rockfish, the bread-and-butter of the close-in coastal fishery.
Rumors swirling around impending tax hikes, subsidy cuts & other bread-and-butter issues have heightened the public"s concern.
Today, the hours issue in bread-and-butter unionism is often viewed as secondary lớn the wage question.

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